Friday, November 13, 2009


So as some of you may know, this past summer was the 40th anniversary of woodstock...and if yours was anything like mine then it was awesome. But now that autumn's slowly crept in, the summer clothes get packed away and the winter boots come out, I can't help but wonder what the autumn after woodstock felt like. Did all those infatuated hippies high as a kite come down into a post-woodstock depression? Or was it fantastic and life-altering enough to put them on a permanent high for the next couple of years? Now that autumn's here there's an inevitable melancholy that comes with the end of summer, but suppose from here on it's up to you whether you look forward to a new season or spend your time missing the summer.
...the couple in the photo below are still together today :)

(Photo by Burk Uzzle)

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